Translink Moveup Collective Agreement

TransLink MoveUP Collective Agreement: What You Need to Know

TransLink, the public transit authority serving Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, has recently negotiated a new collective agreement with its unionized employees represented by MoveUP. The agreement, which covers approximately 5,000 workers in various roles such as bus drivers, mechanics, and administrative staff, was ratified in March 2021 and will be in effect until March 2024. In this article, we will break down the key points of the TransLink MoveUP collective agreement and their implications for both the workers and the organization.

Wages and Benefits

One of the most significant aspects of the agreement is the wage increase for unionized workers. According to TransLink, the deal provides a 5.25% wage increase over the three-year term, which includes a 2.75% increase in the first year, followed by two additional 1.25% increases in the subsequent years. The agreement also includes a $1,000 signing bonus and a one-time benefit of $500 for eligible employees. Additionally, the agreement establishes a new education fund of $75,000 per year for employee training and development.

Schedule and Working Conditions

The new agreement aims to address the issues of scheduling and working conditions that have been long-standing concerns for many TransLink workers. The agreement includes provisions for scheduling changes, shift bids, and workweek arrangements to improve work-life balance and reduce overtime. It also provides new benefits such as paid leaves for designated family care, domestic violence, and Indigenous cultural training.

Health and Safety

The agreement emphasizes the importance of health and safety measures in the workplace, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It ensures that employers are providing adequate personal protective equipment and training to workers, as well as implementing additional cleaning and sanitation measures in vehicles and facilities. The agreement also provides for a joint committee to oversee and address safety concerns.

Implications for TransLink and its Workers

The TransLink MoveUP collective agreement represents a significant achievement in the negotiation between workers and their employer. The agreement provides substantial wage increases and benefits, as well as addressing critical issues related to scheduling, working conditions, and health and safety. These improvements are expected to boost morale and job satisfaction among unionized workers, as well as attract and retain new talent in the organization. Moreover, the agreement provides a framework for collaboration and mutual support between workers and management, which can help to ensure the efficient and effective operation of TransLink`s services.


The TransLink MoveUP collective agreement is a positive development for workers, management, and customers of TransLink. By addressing key issues and improving working conditions, the agreement is expected to benefit all stakeholders involved. Moreover, the agreement demonstrates the value of collective bargaining and highlights the importance of fair and equitable treatment of workers. As TransLink and its unionized workforce continue to navigate the challenges of the transit industry, the new agreement provides a solid foundation for cooperation and progress towards a sustainable and prosperous future.