Our Leaders

Our objective is to contribute to the creation of heaven on Earth! We believe that we have all been endowed with POWER to accomplish our specific roles in the fulfillment of this supreme purpose.

Pastor Wrenwyck Williams


Wrenwyck Williams, Pastor of DUNAMIS ministries is mighty man of God committed to the teaching of the gospel of Jesus the anointed one. He is a firm believer that God has created us all for greatness and it is just a matter of renewing our minds to the extent that it will enable us to receive the mind of Christ and walk in the same anointing. We should not be dictators but demonstrators of God’s awesome power. He believes that we were created in God’s image and nature and as God is, so we are. The same Power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us He states that our purpose is to be a great contributors to the creation of God’s kingdom on Earth. We live to love and renew minds for this supreme purpose.

Wrenwyck has been a highly sought after and successful corporate executive for the past 27 years, both domestically and internationally. He has worked his way up from entry level associate to President/CEO during his tenure with multi-million dollar corporations. Along the way he has earned many accolades and awards for his exceptional leadership and ability to meet and exceed established goals. This knowledge and experience has given him the insight necessary to understand the mindset and plight of the executive as well as parishioners and empowered him to be able to create strategies that will enable them both to meet their professional, personal and spiritual goals. In addition Wrenwyck is a licensed NLP practitioner and utilizes these techniques to provide clients with a greater capacity to produce results and a greater confidence in their ability to do so. He is a bestselling author of the book “Baby Food (digestible concepts) as well as a highly recognized and award winning international public speaker (Toastmasters International-DTM) and trainer. His inspirational messages and charismatic style has impacted the lives of thousands.

Pastor “Rick” has been in ministry in various capacities (Deacon, Minster) for the past 23 years. Primarily through St. Peter’s World Outreach Center, Winston Salem, N.C. under the tutelage of Bishop J.C. Hash.

First Lady Wanda Williams

first-lady-wanda-williamsWanda has over 20 years of volunteer experience in church ministry; working in almost every capacity. Wanda’s passion is teaching, training and working closely with women to develop their God’s given potential. She has a special place in her heart for women who are broken hearted, hurt and heavily disillusioned; those who think they are facing insurmountable hurdles. Wanda knows through God’s grace and an attitude of gratitude, those women will become powerful warriors and a walking testimony for Redemption, Forgiveness and Love.

Wanda was mentored by Lady Joyce Hash of Saint Peter’s World Church and Outreach Center and it was under her guidance she developed a spirit of excellence within the ministry that can compete and surpass that found in a Fortune 500 company. Under the spiritual leadership of Bishop James C. Hash, Jr. and Lady Joyce Hash, she gained a sound and firm foundation of the word, the commission of saving souls and caring for those God entrusted to us.

Toastmaster International awarded Wanda with the Distinguished Toastmaster award. It is the highest award bestowed to recognize a superior level of achievement in both communication and leadership. With over 30 years of experience in corporate she has gained a wealth of analytical, planning and administrative skills. She obtained B. S. degrees in Biology and Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training. Wanda understands all her training was equipping her to mentor God’s people, manage the church resources more efficiently and to magnify His name by demonstrating his power.