Network Rail Overbridge Agreement

Our team also has extensive experience in supporting local authorities and developers in the provision of master plans and regeneration projects, particularly where development includes a railway station or has an interface with the railway industry. We also advise you on development capacity, evaluations and, if necessary, the use of mandatory commands (CPo`s). It is also essential that we be able to invite SLC Rail`s engineering experts to provide a comprehensive set of real estate and technical advice to clients who wish to carry out construction activities on or near the railway, in order to achieve economies of scale and save our clients time and money. Ilkeston residents and railway users, with a safer and stronger structure for the future. In order to minimize disruption to the rail network, the demolition and replacement of the bridge is expected to be completed in December 2016 in a single train-free operation for 29 hours. This was not only a short period for such a complex work schedule, but also a fixed appointment that was booked a year in advance and could not be reorganized without significant delay and at no cost. Detailed planning and prioritization were essential. Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire Value: $3 million Completion: April 2017 Duration: 8 months Contractor: Network Rail (NR) Contractor: AMCO Subcontractor: HBPW, Martello Piling, ALE, 1st in Rail Project Manager: Chris Chatfield (NR), Dave Millar (AMCO) Challenge Summary: Complete reconstruction of an unusual railway bridge with significant time constraints. Challenge solution: using a collaborative approach and innovative technology to ensure project success. If possible, I would also appreciate enough information to determine the nature and use of the bridge. For example, if it is a lower bridge or a bridge and, if so, non-rail traffic uses the bridge (for example. B roads crossed by the railway or crossing the railway).

However, this is secondary and if it is not possible to make them available within the current time frame or cost limits, I am pleased that this is not taken into account so that the key information requested above can be provided. Railway-related construction projects pose many challenges. This could include any project ranging from bridge renovations to housing or other major infrastructure projects. We successfully negotiate bridge and bridge contracts with Network Rail on behalf of our customers who wish to replace or rehabilitate bridges or bridge constructions and who can negotiate the acquisition of additional land and the necessary rights. In 2013, during a routine inspection of the Network Rail (TCC 27A) bridge passing through the Awsworth Road to Ilkeston railway, there was severe corrosion of the north rebar support. Because limited access to the track has only 29 hours to demolish and replace the bridge, a collaborative team from Network Rail (NR) and AMCO used careful planning, innovative methodology and a focus on safe working practices to ensure the success of the project.