Mount Allison Collective Agreement

The Faculty Association announced Friday that its members would go on strike on Monday if the two sides fail to reach a tentative agreement by 12:01 p.m. .m Monday morning. In an online update of the negotiations, the administrators described the faculty`s contracts as “mature collective agreements” that have been in place for 35 years for full-time workers and 15 for part-time workers. The university considers these conventions to be mature. The full-time faculty collective agreement has been in place for 35 years and the first part-time collective agreement was signed 15 years ago. That is why we believe that negotiations should focus on a relatively small number of key issues of interest to one or both parties. Negotiations on a collective agreement, which ended on July 1, began in June. In August, the province appointed a conciliation officer who had several meetings with both parties in the fall. February 3, 2020 – 12:10 p.m.

.m.The union`s 12:01 .m strike deadline passed without the two parties having reached interim agreements. At the time of the October 24 update (below), the university`s negotiating team had 18 tariff proposals open on the table, of which only 8 were. By contrast, the faculty`s negotiating team had more than 100 proposals on collective agreements until 24 October – about 90 are still on the table. At this stage of the process, such a large number of active change requests is a practical obstacle to constructive negotiations. January 31, 2020The university has received a formal strike notice from full-time and part-time bargaining units. A strike begins on Monday, February 3 at 12:01 p.m. .m, unless an interim agreement has been reached by then. In the near future, these two agreements will be available on this site in a more browser-friendly format, and finally, hard copies will be produced and distributed.

We hope that next week, substantial progress will be made in the negotiated agreements, which will support our university staff, allow for greater investment in academic programming, student experience and campus institutions, and will be financially viable. A collective agreement has been under way for seven months between the university and its faculties. Litvak said the union would decide on Friday, December 20, when a strike vote would be held in the absence of a provisional agreement. On February 8, 2020, preliminary collective agreements were reached between the Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) and Mount Allison University. The university is encouraged to see further meetings with the conciliation officer and remains convinced that new arrangements can be reached in due course. May 17, 2019 On May 17, the Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) formally informed the university that it wanted to begin negotiations on new collective agreements for full-time and part-time bargaining units. The appointment of a conciliator is not unusual and is used in many negotiation processes. More information about the conciliation procedure can be found on our collective bargaining FAQ page.