Legal Aid Queensland Preferred Supplier Agreement

All requests for payment of accounts, retroactive contributions and claims of the board`s cost issues must be sent directly to the compliance and financial management team by email or 3917 0996. In order for a private lawyer to provide legal aid, they must meet certain criteria and take certain obligations. This ensures that only specialized practitioners can work after JC processam. As a reminder, proforma invoices must be submitted within three months of the closing of the procedure and/or the closing of the relevant files. This is a requirement under the Preferred Supplier Agreement, paragraph 6.4 (b) (i) and allows ES LAQ to manage the budget. Practitioners must have access to legal research literature and magazines in areas in which the firm provides a service to legal aid clients. If LAQ has a conflict of interest in legal advice and seeks legal advice from a preferred supplier, the preferred supplier will take steps to ensure that: Legal Aid Queensland has developed partnerships with nearly 400 private practitioners (which we call preferred suppliers) throughout Queensland. Preferred suppliers may work on our behalf if they have met the admission criteria for the following areas: lawyers may only appear for defendants who are in possession of legal aid. A mandatory lawyer cannot appear as an agent when an application for legal aid has been made, since the Bail Act only allows a practitioner in contact with his client to appear on his behalf, otherwise an arrest warrant should be issued for non-appearance. Subsidies are delayed in the event of costly requests for assistance. To ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner, please note that the preferred supplier ensures that there is no conflict of interest when applying for or accepting assistance. . If you need to provide your clients with contact information for scholarship applications, please indicate: Telephone Contacts Grants for Clients: 1300 383 900.

For more information on LAQ fees and payments, visit Grants Handbook. START OF Case Management and practice management standards Thanks for your continued support in providing services to our clients. If you have any questions about the above information, please contact your team`s senior grant officer. If a client seeks help in a case in which the court counsel is unable to assist, the mandatory lawyer must encourage the client to provide appropriate services. It is the duty of counsel to ensure that referrals are consistent with the policy set out in these standards. Did you know that all of our publications and educational resources are free and can be accessed or ordered online? For practitioners on the MHRT panel, please keep in mind that the Preventable Disease (VPD) screening requirements must be met by September 30, 2020 for practitioners who wish to continue the work of MHRT beyond that date.