Learning Agreements Fau

Whether you are studying, taking an internship or seeing a language course abroad, you are a student who always enjoys a stay in a foreign country. It`s about improving your language skills and expertise, discovering other cultures and learning to understand them better. The experience of other cultures has become indispensable for an optimal start to their working life. 3. Talk to our tutors during the introductory week before you sign your apprenticeship agreement in our FAU office has agreements with different providers to provide discounted licenses for students. For more information, visit the Office of Information Technology (ILO). The ILO has also partnered with JourneyEd.com to offer our students discounts on software and hardware. Some colleges may provide software based on your main subject needed for your courses. Please contact your college for a list of the software available to you. Do you need help finding distance courses with new course search tools? Watch this video. The European Commission is proposing an online language test for Erasmus students, which consists of two components: the first part, which must be completed before mobility, and the second part, which must be completed after mobility. Neither the coordinator of the FAU department nor your host university will receive the result.

The objective of the test is to obtain results that can be used for comparison purposes to document potential advances in language learning. Currently, the test is available for the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Czech. Once the test is complete, you will receive automatic confirmation of the level reached, either by email or directly online. It is not an official language certificate and cannot be used as such. It is only for your personal files. Upon their return from abroad, students must complete another form, the application for accreditation of courses on their apprenticeship contracts, accreditation of courses obtained abroad. Here, the study coordinators will confirm the student`s actual performance abroad and transform them into a German note system. There is an additional erasmus apprenticeship agreement for ERASMUS students.

Scholarships and on-site course planning are regulated. Gold: a) Upper column (Table A) with information on foreign courses. b) Lower column (Table B) does not indicate course information, but the statement “see the school learning agreement for economics and economics.” After returning from abroad, on the basis of the Learning Agreement, another form entitled Almost every student home has its own common spaces as well as learning spaces. In most cases, there is also a small bar where parties and other events take place regularly. The holiday offer is quite important. There is no general registration until the start of the semester. You must establish your curriculum individually and according to the requirements of your home university.